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Plastic (oversized) tanks on Ebay in UK

Verfasst: 16.04.2021 17:51
von Andy.I
Hi Chaps, at long last I have got my DR350 in my garage and I'm looking forward to making some progress giving it a new life!

I have found a couple of plastic DR350 fuel tanks on Ebay. The seller says they both fit 1993 and 1994 models and says he doesn't know any more than this. I assume they are alike and he has taken one from a 1993 model and one from a 1994 model and this is the reason for the wording of his description. He says they are plastic so I assume they are third-party and therefore high capacity.

Ebay numbers are 265113777418 and 265113779011.

Could anybody me by identifying what these tanks actually are and what capacity? Also, will they fit my 1995-manufactured, 1996-registered DR350SE?

Thank you in anticipation. :good:

This is the first complete rebuild I will have started for around 30 years so I feel very much like how the Mondo Enduro riders felt when they set off. I just hope this project doesn't last as long as theirs! :D